Saturday, 3 October 2009

MochiPan loves... Vending Machines

I love Japanese vending machines!! This is, I admit, a rather bizarre thing to be obsessed with, but in Japan these mechanical marvels offered me drink-based comfort on a daily basis - any time and any place (almost!). There are so many vending machines in so many seemingly bizarre and random places that you start to take them for granted after a while. I've tucked into various machine-vended delights bought on train platforms, street corners, karaoke bars, public parks, temple precincts, shopping centres, and once I treated myself to a hot, sweet tea from a vending machine atop a mountain, after an trek up to view the Autumn leaves. "What an eyesore!" you may cry out, but some vending machines are so cunningly camouflaged to match their surroundings you really and truly might be hard pushed to spot them (honest!) as beautifully demonstrated by this bamboo model in Ueno Park...

Blink and you'd miss it, right?! And yes, you did read that right... HOT tea! There are magical vending machines which also have a selection of heated drinks alongside their chilled partners. Okay so it's not exactly eco-friendly to have all these machines around, but on many a cold winter's day, when I was slowly dragging myself back up the hill to my one-bed (one room!!) apartment after a hard day at work, probably with a streaming cold and generally feeling very sorry for myself, the holy beacon of the friendly, local vending machine would shine across the street, beckoning me towards the heated selection, whereupon it would lovingly provide me with a hot, vitamin C enriched, lemon drink. Mmmm....

And it's not just humans who queue up to get their daily dosage of vended beverages...


  1. How amazing are all those!? And the cows at the end are hilarious (at least I'm assuming they're cows...). You're so lucky to have experienced these. I want to go to Japan now!

  2. hehe! They are the tame deer from Nara. Nara is very near Kyoto and it is a really important historical site in Japan. For some reason there are loads of tame deer there hanging around the temples and you can feed them special deer biscuits. I didn't really feed this one C.C.Lemon (the super lemon Vitamin C drink!) but was just letting him have a little sniff! Japan is a fantastic country!

  3. Just had a lovely lunchtime catching up on all of your posts - i love this one about the vending machines in Japan! (I was totally addicted to chilled coffee in a can and then that amazing day we found chu hais in vending macines in Tokyo!) Love how you mention little snippets of your time in Japan!
    Maddi(Makes...) xxx